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About Us
The Members are committed to maintaining the true type of Shetland pony and believe in following the Standard of Excellence when breeding and showing.
How it began!
A small group of passionate Shetland Pony Owners and Breeders decided to get together and formally begin a group promoting our breed. They were committed to maintaining the true type of pony and believed in following the STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE when breeding and showing.
From this humble begining the Society steadily grew with interest and memberships spanning the nation wide . As an Indepentant Society it has weathered many committee changes and points of view as it has continued to develop over the last 40 or so years.
Issue 1 Ten-Two News- Extract of How It Began.
During the Easter show of 1970  a group of interested Shetland Owners and Breeders held a meeting with the view to forming a Shetland Society, Not as a breakaway group from the Australian Pony Stud Book but a separate group of people working for the common interest of the Shetland Pony in Australia.
Years previously a group had been formed but due to lack of interest it was finally adandoned consequently at the meeting held in 1970, THE SHETLAND PONY SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA was formed and a committee elected comprising of eight [8] members as follows.
President : Mr DC Pooley
Secretary : TR Lobb
Treasurer : Miss R Pooley.
               Committee - Mesdames E. McDonald, I McKenzie , Miss E Herman, Mesers
                                  G. Barrett & B Grenwood.
Resolved that the above persons elected comprise the Council for the ensuing twelve months.
Eventually a constitution was written and accepted by the Committee elected .It was felt by all Shetland Breeders that a standard for all Shetland Ponies was necessary and this was written based on the accepted English standard and adopted by members.
During the first year, funds were raised to provide "The Shetland Pony of Australia" Trophy for the Most Sucessful Sheland Exhibitor at the National Horse and Pony Show.
This was only the beginning, there was much to be done. Suggestions from members  included the need for a panel of qualified judges as many were experiencing the scenario of the Arab or hack judge covering the Shetland Pony classes and the structuring of consistency in classes . For example age classes consitent- Under 4yrs, 4yrs and over etc.
The printing of a quarterly magazine was thought to be of benefit in providing an outlet for the exchange of ideas, keeping members informed of events, cheap advertising, show dates and results. Contribution of articles can be submitted to the Secretary or Treasurer.
The following is a list of the financial members published in the first issue of the magazine.
Miss E Herman [ Up-Helly-A Stud] Exeter, Mr J Greenwood [The Heights Stud] Bexley,
Mr J McDonald [Glenco] Cranebrook, Mrs E McDonald [Twagios Stud] Milthorpe,
Mr & Mrs JK Waddell [Moolpa] Mt Eliza Vic, Mr J.Williams [Tennessee Stud] Croydon Park, Mr R .Williams [Tennessee Stud] Croydon Park, Mulwaree Shetland Stud, Goulburn,
Mr JB McKenzie [Glanmire Stud] Kellyville, Miss L McKenzie [Glanmire Stud] Kellyville,
Mr DC Pooley [Glenlee Stud] & Miss R Pooley [Glenlee Stud ] Kellyville.
The philosophy as such [stated by Miss L McKenzie] is essentially ".... horse breeders are a fraternity banded together by an absorbing interest and may strengthen it by belonging to clubs. There are those who have bred Shetlands for many years but are not attracted to memberships but there are many who feel by banding together as a club they promote their breed. The newcomer has much to gain-new friends and a first hand knowledge to be gained from old timers as a dedicated breeder is always willing to share his knowledge....''
Everyone from a large stud, a few ponies or just a family pet are encouraged to join.
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