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Before You Buy A Shetland

Shetlands make a great versatile addition to any family however, if you are considering buying a Shetland there are several things that you should take into account:
   * Shetlands are super bright and quite strong, be sure that you have a secure paddock with suitable feed and water available. Ask the current owner what they are feeding the pony. Some ponies can be prone to founder but this shouldn't cause issues if a proper diet is followed.
   * Regardless of whether you intend to show the pony, its important to keep the Standard of Excellence in mind when you buy. Making sure the pony is healthy and conforms to the Standard should mean you end up with a great new member of your family.
   * Only registered purebred Shetlands can be shown in Shetland classes, if you think that you might be interested in showing a pony, check with the seller and the Australian Pony Studbook (APSB) to make sure the pony is registered. If the pony isn't currently registered, and paperwork hasn't been properly filed, it can become expensive. If you don't know your ponies breeding it can not be registered. There is currently no DNA library to track unknown breeding.
   * To be shown the pony needs to be under 10.2 hands high (there is no lower height limit)
   * Become a memeber of the APSB to make sure you can transfer ownership on the registration papers
   * If you have never shown before, attend a couple of shows to see how the ponies are presented and what you and the pony need to do in the ring. Speak to some of the competitors most will be happy to give you some guidance.
  * Do you want to show, ride, drive and/or breed? Does it currently do any of these things? Is it a suitable age to be ridden or driven (generally 3 years and above)? Does the pony have a generally quiet nature? Is a stallion, mare or gelding going to best suit your needs?
If in doubt, contact the Shetland Society, we will be able to put you in touch with reputable breeders in your area.
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