Shetland Pony Society Of Australia Inc - Promoting the Shetland Pony in Australia
Australian Pony Studbook - 
This website contains the Studbook where all registered Shetlands are recorded, the standard of excellence and membership requirements
Shetland -
UK Based website with loads of information about UK and European based Studs
Shetland Sales -
Australian based classifieds site containing ponies and related items for sale.
Pony Breeders of Shetland Association -
A complete directory of Shetland Pony studs based in the natural home of this unique animal, The Shetland Isles
Shetland Pony 
The Forum for all Shetland Pony Fans.
Shetland Pony Studbook Society-
One-stop website for information on Shetlands in the UK
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